Pesto "Mac & Cheese"
Pesto "Mac & Cheese"
Pesto "Mac & Cheese"
Pesto "Mac & Cheese"
Pesto "Mac & Cheese"

Pesto "Mac & Cheese"

Gluten: Macaroni + Flour in Sauce
Spice Level: not hot

Chef’s Inspiration

Reminscing back to the days when I'd be on my way home from school wondering what's for dinner, having an Asian background - mac'n'cheese was never on the menu so when it was around it was such a treat. This "mac'n'cheese" is a healtheir, less guilty version of a comforting childhood staple.


Follow timing on MANNA package, this time varies by +/- 3 minutes depending on the level of your simmer and how cold your fridge is. You want to ensure that the internal food temperature reaches about 165°F/74°C, piping hot. Transfer "mac'n'cheese" into desired dish and top with toasted almonds, this adds the crunch of the traditional bread crumb topping as well as some protein. For extra "cheesiness" add any prefered plant based cheese if you have on hand.

Nutritional Highlights

This dish is rich in protein, fibre, vitamins C & K, calcium, and iron. Nutritional yeast is fortified with B12, a vital nutrient difficult to obtain from vegan and vegetarian diets.

Protein: Tempeh, fermented soy & a complete protein, provides all the essential amino acids allowing the body to form proteins necessary for growth & development.

Fibre: Whole grains and beans are rich in fibre that feeds friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, helping to maintain larger populations of friendly bacteria.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps prevent damage to cells and helps absorb iron in the intestine. Broccoli, kale, thyme, and parsley are excellent sources of Vitamin C.

Vitamin K: Key to helping regulate the body’s inflammatory process, this dish provides over 150% of the minimum daily requirement.

Calcium: An important mineral in human metabolism. Natural sources of calcium in this recipe include tempeh, broccoli, kale, thyme, parsley, and garlic.

Iron:  Beans, tempeh, thyme, and parsley increase energy by replenishing iron stores and helping to support transportation of vital oxygen throughout the body.

*Daily nutritional values are obtained from the Canada Food Guide and are based on three primary daily meals with intermittent snacking.