Pepper Bake
Pepper Bake
Pepper Bake
Pepper Bake
Pepper Bake

Pepper Bake

Gluten: Cajun Bread Crumb (garnish)
Spice Level: 🌶️

Chef’s Inspiration

Pepper Bake with Tomato Mexi Rice, Beans, Tofu & Swiss Chard Topped with Cajun Almond Bread Crumb

This is my ode to our neighbour across the street as a child. When my parents were at work, my brother and I would stay at our neighbours house after school when we were still too young to be home alone. My brother would always end up playing with their son while I stayed in the kitchen with Mrs. Hicks. Sometimes we would stay over for dinner and this dish peaks my memory with great appreciation, I think it reminds me of the comfort of our home away from home and the feeling of being cared for.


Follow timing on MANNA package, this time varies by +/- 3 minutes depending on how hot your oven is calibrated and how cold your fridge is. You want to ensure that the internal food temperature reaches about 165°F/74°C, piping hot. You will know the pepper bake is hot and ready when you hear that sizzle and see the sauce somewhat bubbling. To save on dishes you can eat directly from the disposable baking tray or carefully transfer out using a lifter to keep the same shape and form on plate then use a spoon to dot tomato sauce around. Pour on MANNA Drizzle for creaminess similar to sour cream.

Nutritional Highlights

This baked dish is rich in fibre and vitamins (A, B complex, C). Yellow peppers are very high in antioxidants. As they change colour, their antioxidant profile also changes. Yellow peppers contain the most Vitamin C per gram.

Protein: Tofu is a complete protein and provides all the essential amino acids allowing the body to form proteins necessary for growth & development. 

Fibre: Whole grains and beans are rich in fibre that feeds friendly bacteria in the digestive tract, helping to maintain larger populations of friendly bacteria.

Vitamin A: This dish supports the immune and inflammatory functions throughout the digestive tract. Yellow peppers, sweet potato, and swiss chard are excellent sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin B Complex: B vitamins are building blocks for a healthy body and help turn other nutrients into energy, and maintain a healthy metabolism. Yellow peppers are rich in B vitamins, especially pyridoxine (B6 - may help with improving mood and brain health) and folate (B9 - supports fetal development and growth, and can help prevent cognitive decline).

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps prevent damage to cells and helps absorb iron in the intestine. Yellow peppers, swiss chard and okra contain very high levels of  Vitamin C.