Jalapeno Garlic Ginger Tofu
Jalapeno Garlic Ginger Tofu
Jalapeno Garlic Ginger Tofu
Jalapeno Garlic Ginger Tofu
Jalapeno Garlic Ginger Tofu

Jalapeno Garlic Ginger Tofu

Spice level: 🌶️🌶️🌶️


Nut-free (if garnish not added at serving)

Chef’s Inspiration

If spicy foods aren't your thing, jalapenos are your gateway pepper of choice! Milder in heat especially without the seeds - pro tip: don't touch your face if you've been chopping fresh chilies, even better use gloves! We've taken the the pepper notes without too much heat and added a kick with ginger balanced with the savouryness of onion and garlic. If you can handle this dish, try incorporating it into your own dishes raw with the seeds to expand your spice tolerance.


Follow timing on MANNA package, this time varies by +/- 3 minutes depending on the level of your simmer and how cold your fridge is. You want to ensure that the internal food temperature reaches about 165°F/74°C, piping hot. Once all the bags are cut open begin with the rice, followed by the mushrooms and gai lan with sauce so the rice absorbs all that flavour, top with tofu and sprinkle chili peanuts on top - yum!

Nutritional Highlights

This dish is high in fibre, protein & Vitamins (C & D). Organic tamari sauce replaces soy sauce in this recipe to keep the dish gluten free.

Protein: Tofu is a complete protein and provides all the essential amino acids allowing the body to form proteins necessary for growth & development.

Fibre: Fibre from the deep green vegetables feeds friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. helping to maintain larger populations.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps prevent damage to cells and helps absorb iron in the intestine. Chinese broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C.

Vitamin D: Mushrooms are the only non-animal food source that naturally contains Vitamin D. Obtaining daily minimum requirements from a restricted diet can be difficult. Consult with your healthcare provider for help in determining vitamin D needs.

*Daily nutritional values are obtained from the Canada Food Guide and are based on three primary daily meals with intermittent snacking.