Hearty Kale Caesar with Tempeh
Hearty Kale Caesar with Tempeh
Hearty Kale Caesar with Tempeh

Hearty Kale Caesar with Tempeh


Contains Cashews

Spice Level: Not Spicy

Chef’s Inspiration

Sometimes on a hot summer day, there is nothing more appealing than a big bowl of salad, taking this traditional staple in any household and making it hearty enough to consider salad as dinner. 


Cut open bags, toss ingredients altogether using your preferred amount of dressing and top with almond parm. 

Nutritional Highlights

This salad is rich in protein, vitamins (A, C, K), and magnesium. The tempeh contains probiotics that can help increase beneficial bacteria in the intestines, one of the keys to overall wellness. It has the added benefit of the superfood quinoa, rich in protein, fibre, omega-3 fats, minerals, and phytonutrients..

Protein: Tempeh (fermented soy) and quinoa provide all the essential amino acids allowing the body to form proteins necessary for growth and development. 

Vitamin A: This salad supports the immune and inflammatory functions throughout the digestive tract. Kale is an excellent source of vitamin A.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps prevent damage to cells and helps absorb iron in the intestine. Kale and cabbage are excellent sources of Vitamin C. 

Vitamin K: Key to helping regulate the body’s inflammatory process. Kale is the top source of vitamin K while romaine lettuce also provides an excellent source.

Magnesium: Magnesium plays an important role in almost every bodily process and is involved in more than 300 reactions in the body. Cashews are one of the top ten sources of magnesium.