Meals now with a ✨ “Plant-based Guarantee”! ✨ If you are not 100% satisfied ❤️ with your meal, it is on us!


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We are always looking for the right people to join our team and grow with us.

At MANNA we are building a business solidified in our values and way of being. We celebrate milestones, we work hard and we strive for a healthy work-life balance for our team on the journey.


What We Do

We do our best to show up at our best each day and help be a role model company for the Vancouver business community. As well as support our clients to easily, effectively and consistently maintain a mostly plant-based diet.


What We Believe

Transparency: honest with our clients and each other, and about our ingredients, nutrition, and sourcing

Low-Impact: our ingredients are organic, locally-sourced and reusable packaging, whenever possible.

Care: about the earth, families, each other, and the sacred time we have together.


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