Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page for our plant-based meal service.  We would love to hear from you!

There are two best ways to reach us:

  1. Online Chat: you can access the real-time online chat by pressing the Blue icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  2. Email: you can email us at hello@mannamenu.com

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Managing My Account

Does my subscription auto-renew?

Your subscription will automatically auto-renew each week.  You can adjust your subscription by visiting the “Account” page on our website.

How do the weekly plans work?

Each subscription is based on a weekly subscription, with meals being delivered once per week, typically on Mondays (Sunday or Tuesday depending on your delivery area).  Once you begin your subscription, you will receive an email to choose your preferred meals from the available meal schedule.  The day before your delivery date, a representative from MANNA will reach out to you to coordinate your delivery details, and approximate delivery time window.

Can I choose and pick my meals?

The majority of our subscription clients prefer eating our “Chef’s Selection” meals, which is an automatic meal schedule created by our Head Chef.  Each week you can go to the "account" section of our website to choose your meals for the upcoming week.  You will also be reminded by email and text to choose your meal incase you may have missed doing it.  If for some reason you are unable or forget to choose a custom meal selection, do not worry, you will automatically receive the “Chef’s Selection” meal.  The meal selection cut off period is each week on Thursday at 11:59pm for the second following Monday.

How do I skip or pause a week or month?

You can pause your account for a month by going to the “Account” section on our webpage, then press the "Manage My Subscription".  From this page you pause or skip individual weeks if you are going to be away.  Note, that if you cancel your subscription, then you will loose any preferred pricing levels or discounts attached to your account.  When pausing or skipping weeks it is important to note that the date shown is the date that the order is issued to the kitchen, and the actually delivery date will be the following Monday.  

When will my subscription start?

If you have signed up for our service it will start on the Monday after nine days after you completed your purchase online.  Once you sign up, please go to the "account" tab on our website, there you will see a blue button under "My Account" heading on the top left of the screen.  The blue button will say "Select meals for >date<".  This will indicate the date your first meals will arrive.  If you have any questions, or require more information please join us for a live chat with our website site team (blue chat button on the lower right-side of screen) or email us at hello@mannamenu.com .

Save up to 20% off with a Subscription

The benefit of have a subscription is there are considerable price savings over regular pricing.  Depending on when you sign up for a weekly meal package you can save anywhere between 10% to 20% off the regular list meal price.  You will get that price saving on every future meal order (as long as your subscription is active). MANNA is really set up to serve as a repeatable weekly service, and in that, both you and MANNA win.  You win with a price savings (plus great, easy to make plant-based meals) and we also win in operational cost savings since we have a more predictable weekly ingredient ordering visibility (no overages + no waste).  We also save on the cost of packaging pick up as we are able to pick up used packaging materials when we are dropping off.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can pause, skip a week or cancel your subscription at any time without any penalties or breach of contract (simply because there is no contract).  However, if you pause or skip weeks, you must place one meal every 45 days to keep your subscription active. By keeping your subscription active you will be able to keep all your set pricing levels & discounts.  If a meal order is not placed within 45 days, your subscription will automatically be cancelled and you will be subject to receiving the current pricing & subscription discount available at the next time of your order.  PRO TIP: you can grandfather your favourable pricing, subscription discount and delivery fees simply by keeping your subscription active.


Recipes & Ingredients

Why is MANNA Menu meals so healthy?

All of our meals are carefully designed, curated and audited by our team of nutritionists.  Each meal has gone through several iterations to maximize the nutrient levels and make them as nutrient dense as possible, while at the same time expanding the taste.

Do you provide nutritional and calories information?

Yes, all of our meals have a nutritional facts label as well as a nutrition chart so you can see the highlights of all of the macronutrients of each meal.  Visit our “Menu” page and click on any menu item to discover how healthy each meal is.   

Will my food stay fresh?

Our meals typically stay fresh to eat for seven days after delivery.  Each meal will have a Best Before date to help you enjoy your meals before they expire.

Can I freeze my food?

Absolutely!  Almost all of our meals are freezable.  In fact the majority of clients are in the habit of freezing meals if they know that may not be home as much one week, or know they have a few dinners out on the schedule.  Please refer to the label on your meals to see if it is “Freezer Friendly”.

Delivery & Packaging

How much does delivery cost?

Currently, delivery in the Greater Vancouver area is only $5-$8.  For outer areas of lower mainland (Whistler, Surrey, Abbotsford, White Rock etc..) additional delivery fees range from $10 - $25.

Can I send back or recycle the packaging?

Yes, the majority or our packaging is recyclable and reusable.  We have carefully designed our services to try and reuse as much packaging as possible.  If you could wash and put your Cooler Bag and Condiment Kit Containers/Sac outside your door on the day of your next delivery so that we can retrieve them.  Learn more about our ZERO WASTE philosophy.

What if I am not home on my delivery day?

If you have a unique home delivery situation, please email us at hello@mannamenu.com so we can determine the best way to navigate the delivery at your residence.

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver in the Greater Vancouver Area.


About MANNA Menu

Is MANNA Menu a subscription service?

Yes, our meal service is weekly subscription designed to help more people enjoy plant-based meals at home, and make it easier to consistently maintain a plant-based diet over the long-term.

Is there a minimum length for a subscription?

The minimum length of a subscription is one week, however you can select just to try our service on a week to week basis.  Please sign up to see how good and nutritious plant-base meals can be.


Charitable Rewards

How do I earn Charitable Rewards with my MANNA subscription?

As a customer of MANNA you earn up to 5% Charitable Rewards points on every dollar you spend on your subscription with us (excluding taxes).

Rewards points say up to to 5%, how do I the full amount?

When you start your subscription with MANNA you will automatically earn 2% points on every dollar (excluding taxes) that you spend with us.  After 6 consecutive months of subscription service, your rewards points bump to 5%, and will continue at that level for each consecutive month you subscribe.  If you cancel or pause your account for more than 4 weeks, then you reward points drop back down to 2%, and will continue at that level until 6 months of subscription service before your points level bumps back up to 5%.

How do I redeem my Charitable Rewards?

You will need to create a Charitable Bank account at www.charitable impact.com.  With your charitable bank account and the money in it, you can then send that money to any registered Canadian Charity of your choice.  For more details on how to use your Charitable Bank account dollars, please visit www.charitableimpact.com. 

Your rewards points are converted into Canadian dollars each month and deposited into your Charitable Impact account.

What is the current balance of my rewards points?

When you are browsing our website on your desktop, you will see the Charitable Rewards button on the far right side screen, halfway up.  When you click on that button, it will show you your total rewards points accumulated with your purchases.  However, this is not an accurate measure of the money in your Charitable Bank account, it is a summary of the total points accumulate over the lifetime of your business with MANNA.

To see your current balance of your Charitable Bank account please log into your account directly at www.charitableimpact.com.

How long does it take for my rewards points to be deposited into my Charitable Bank account?

We process your points every month, however it can take as long as 5 to 7 weeks for the money to show up in your Charitable Impact account.

What if I do not have a Charitable Bank Account with Charitable Impact?

You will be contacted by Charitable Impact directly with instructions on how open your new Charitable Bank Account, or link your Rewards Points to an existing Charitable Bank account with Charitable Impact.

What if I already have a Charitable Bank Account with Charitable Impact?

If you have an existing Charitable Bank Account and you want your MANNA Charitable Rewards Points deposited into that account, then please email us at hello@mannamenu.com with your Name, Address and specific Email address associated with that bank account.  We will then be able link your MANNA Rewards account with your Impact Account.