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Helping people enjoy better tasting plant-based meals in their homes.

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Enjoy Sacred Moments

Cherish meal time with yourself, your friends & your family.

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Nourish Your Body

Enjoy balanced, healthy and flavourful plant-based meals.

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Save Time

Spend less time meal planning, shopping, cooking & cleaning.


We help successfully integrate plant-based nutrition into your busy lifestyle.

We’ve curated plant-based menus and deliver the meals directly to your door for the week ahead. The thinking has been done for you, you just heat, eat & enjoy.

Up to 5% earned to donate to any Canadian charity of your choice.


A healthy choice can be an easy choice

Marie Grape, Head Chef

Nutritionally Designed Meal Plans

Carefully curated for taste and nutrition


Easy as 1-2-3

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Choose your plant-based meal plan:

Menus curated by our team of Chefs and Nutritionists to provide you balanced nutrition and flavour.

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Receive weekly deliveries:

Touchless drop-off at your home on Tuesdays, whether you’re home or not.

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Heat + Enjoy:

Simple instructions to heat your meals in under 15 minutes.

Get Started

This is an image of our Haianese Tofu dish plated in a bowl with a napkin to side and fork on it.  Ready to eat!

Leave the planning, shopping, prepping and cleaning to us

You’re just a few clicks away from having professionally prepared, nutritious meals delivered to your door.

Our Mission: To make healthy eating accessible and sustainable

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Real Fine Dinning Chef Prepared
High Quality Ingredients
Real Whole Food Ingredients
Approved by Nutritionists
100% Plant-based
Ready in under 10 minutes
Zero-waste packaging and pick up
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

See What Our Customers Say

I loved everything about my experience using MANNA! Food for the week delivered right to my door, complete with garnish and dressing. Easy preparation. Incredibly delicious, nutritionally dense plant-based meals. Huge variety of flavours, and types of dishes from every culture. Awesome, caring service from everyone at MANNA. Excellent value for money! It was a sound investment in my health. Thanks MANNA!

Samantha Turner

For years I have believed that I should eat less meat, however I have failed at being able to find a way to consistently enjoy plant-based food and therefore I never kept up with it.  I have been a client of MANNA for over 6 months now and I am happy to say that myself and my family consume mostly plant-based in our weekly diets.  MANNA has taken all the thinking and work out of eating plant-based for us.  The food is amazing, it is different every week and it never fails to taste amazing.  I have never felt better!

Marcel Newell

Having adopted a whole plant-based diet for awhile I've already felt 100x better in my day to day energy levels and digestion.  However, being very active in sports and running I always had this feeling I may not be able to recover or have enough energy to sustain a hard work out.  In August, I set out to run the days of the calendar and thus running 31 consecutive days and over 11 half marathons in a row in the last half of August.  Not only did my recovery get better as the distance got longer, I felt inflammation go away much quicker and I ended up getting stronger and faster as the days went by.  The convenience of MANNA meals has made transitioning to a plant-based diet so much easier with amazing delicious recipes and preparing it all is usually always under 10 minutes!

Victor Tam

It had been my goal to eat more plant based for both ethical and health reasons in 2020 and finding out about Manna Sacred Meals inspired me to accomplish this goal. It has been a wonderful transition with Manna Sacred Meals and I can happily say that I am now 80% plant based thanks to Chef Marie's amazing meals. The care and attention to detail, the flavours and presentation of each meal is exceptional.  My favourite is reading the write ups for each meal, the story that inspired the meal and the thoughtfulness that goes into nourishing her clients is next level! I have so much gratitude for Chef Marie and Manna Sacred Meals! 

Natasha Tony

The Manna Meal - the Bulgogi Lettuce wraps, were incredibly flavourful and nothing short of satisfying. Not to mention quick and easy to prepare! I was so pleasantly surprised by the convenience of the packaging and the detail of ingredients including all you could need for a completely dressed meal. A delicious entree with finishing touches of delicious almond parm and roasted sesame seeds.  I would 10/10 recommend Manna Meals!

Kardias Quing

The Manna meals were so convenient to prepare and also good sized portions. Every time I opened a new package I was blown away by the delicious flavours. I even prepared the tofu bowl, and ate it cold at work the next day and it was still so tasty, and people kept asking me what I was eating. Definitely want to try everything on the menu!

Kristy J

When eating the food from Manna, made by chef Marie, you will know that you are eating an awesome dinner. Fresh plant-based food prepared by her with so much love, to give you a complete and balanced meal.

The easiness of putting the delicious meals on your table and plating them like a real 'pro' are one of the things you want in life.

Impress your friends with a 'high end meal' while spending more time with them at the table rather than being in the kitchen cooking.

Or take the meals with you on your camping trip, all you need is a pan with hot water and you can have a meal in the woods!

That's what it's all about...more time with friends and family...and an awesome meal...what more can you ask for?

Frans & Agnes

As someone who has had a plant-based diet for over a decade, I've been re-inspired by the variety and taste of Manna meals. I recommend this plant-based meal service to anyone and everyone. Delicious, interesting and conveniently delivered to my door! 

Randelle Lusk

Our signature dishes

Greek Style Kebabs with Lemon Roasted Potatoes & Marinated Salad

Greek Style Kebabs with Lemon Roasted Potatoes & Marinated Salad

Cauliflower Steaks with Potato & Veg

Cauliflower Steaks with Potato & Veg

BBQ Meatless Ribs

BBQ Meatless Ribs

Latkes with Oyster Mushroom & Wilted Greens

Latkes with Oyster Mushroom & Wilted Greens

Butter Tofu Curry

Butter Tofu Curry