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Historically, Manna (/ˈmanə/) was a sweet, organic food used as a building block for many plant-based meals. In many cultures, Manna is defined as leaving an inheritance.  

Our name serves as a reminder and driver: our purpose is to provide nutrient-full plant-based meals and to leave a positive impact on people. We strive to serve as role models for the communities we serve.

Child enjoying Vegan meal prep Vancouver gourmet plant-based meals

We believe in Great Food

A Thoughtful Menu

Our Chefs have close relationships with local farmers and vendors to source in-season, high-quality ingredients. The menu was curated to deliver you full flavour, balanced nutrition, and the comfort of familiar meals. We cook a wide range of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and spices and avoid the common allergens where possible. 

family enjoying Vegan meal prep Vancouver gourmet plant-based meals

We believe in Sacred Moments

Time Is Precious

One of the most valuable and unrenewable resources in anyone’s life is time.  At MANNA we want to help our customers use the minutes of each day to do the things they love and the things that are most necessary.  Our meal programs dramatically saves time each day by reducing and eliminating the steps of meal preparation (thinking, shopping, and preparing).

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We believe in Giving Back

Community Care

We want to live in a world where those around us feel safe, happy, and supported. Up to 5% of subscription fees are donated to Canadian charitable organizations; our partnership with Charitable Impact allows you to decide how to donate your dollars.

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We believe in ZERO Waste

Waste Not, Want Not

Success for us means creating as little waste and environmental impact as possible.  We have a near-zero food waste model and almost all our containers and packaging are reusable.

We believe in our People

People Before Profits

We care deeply for our team and work hard to ensure they have enough time in the day to enjoy outside of the kitchen. Our team works a maximum of 30 hours a week over three days and are paid for regular 40 hour work week. In addition to a shorter work week, each role in the company is paid at 15% to 25% more than market rate. [1] 

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We believe in a plant-based diet

Support the Movement

We’re making plant-based meals more accessible so it’s easier to sustain. Whether you already have a fully plant-based diet or not, we’re confident you won’t miss meat. We believe plant-based meals are better for both our individual health, and for the planet and life on it.

We believe in connection

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