How It Works

Choose which weekly meal plan fits your needs as an individual, couple, or family.

Fill in your delivery address details and submit the order.

Choose your meals for the upcoming week.


Does my subscription auto-renew?

Your subscription will automatically auto-renew each week on Monday. Reoccurring subscriptions order are automatically generated on Monday and sent to our kitchen for delivery the following Monday. You can adjust your subscription (pause/skip-weeks/cancel) by visiting the “Account” page on our website, then go to “Manage Subscription”. When pausing or skipping weeks it is important to note that the date shown is the date that the order is issued to the kitchen, and the actual delivery date will be the following Monday.  

How do the weekly plans work?

Each subscription is based on a weekly cycle; your meals will be delivered each week, typically on Mondays.  Once you place your subscription order you will be notified by email and SMS text to select your meal preferences for that week. On the day before your meal delivery a representative from MANNA will reach out to you to coordinate your delivery details and approximate delivery time window.  If you have any special conditions with your delivery, please feel free to email in advance to

Can I choose and pick my meals?

The majority of our subscription clients prefer eating our “Chef’s Selection” meals, which is an automatic meal schedule created by our Head Chef.  However, immediately after you place your order online, you will receive an email and SMS text to guide you to make your meal selection. Don't worry, if you do not choose a custom selection you will automatically receive the “Chef’s Selection” schedule. The cut time each week for meal selections is Thursday at 11:50pm each week for second following Monday.

How do I skip or pause a week or month?

You can pause your subscription for any length of time, as well as you can skip delivery weeks as you choose by going to the “Account” section on our webpage.  Note: when pausing or skipping weeks it is important to note that the "order date" shown is the date that the order is automatically generated and issued to the kitchen. The actually delivery date will be the next following Monday.  

When will my subscription start?

If you have signed up for our service it will start on the Monday typically seven to fourteen days after you completed your purchase online.  On the "Order Now" page, choose your meal package size, then press the "Order" button to choose your number of meals. On this screen in the bottom right you will see a note that states "Now accepting orders for >date<.
This will indicate the date your first meals will arrive.  If you have any questions, or require more information please join us for a live chat with our website site team (blue chat button on the lower right-side of screen) or email us at .


Once you place your order you will then be emailed and SMS texted a link and instructions on how to choose your meals.  Or you can immediately go to the “Account” page on the website and select the “Blue Button” that says “Select meals for >date<”. This will open the online meal selector for menu items for that specific week. For more detailed FAQs please visit our FAQ page.

What is the lead-time to receive my first order?

Our delivery lead-time is typically 9-14 days from when you place your first order. The order cut off each week is Thursday at 11:59pm, for deliveries for the second following Monday. The majority of our clients are subscription based, therefore the wait is only on the first initial order, then orders continue seamlessly each Monday following ongoing. To understand a bit more about business and ZERO-WASTE philosophy please visit our Plant-based Lifestyle articles.

What are the macro nutrient levels per meal?

Each meal has a full macro nutrient and caloric data breakdown. All data is express per single serving. If you see per 1/2 package, this means the data was calculated on meal pouch sized for two people, therefore 1/2 package show the nutrient/calorie intake for one person. Go to for full details.

What areas do you deliver to?

Currently, we service Vancouver, the surrounding lower mainland, and the Sea-to-Sky corridor (Essentially Whistler to Chilliwack). Delivery rates vary by location, simply place your order online and our system will automatically calculate any applicable delivery fees.