The greenhouse gas emissions produced by growing, rearing, farming, processing, transporting, storing, cooking, and disposing of the food you eat are referred to as the foodprint. Changing your diet can have a significant influence on your carbon footprint. In addition, pollution will be reduced, the environment will be preserved, and global warming will be slowed. Many of these modifications can also help you save money, enhance your health, and keep you in shape.

image of a foot print in the sand surrounded by nature items (leaves, seeds, bulbs etc.)

The biggest carbon footprint is seen in meat, cheese, and eggs. Fruit, vegetables, legumes, and nuts have substantially smaller carbon footprints than meat and dairy products. You can reduce your personal carbon footprint significantly by switching to a mostly vegetarian diet.

Livestock production is responsible for somewhere between 20% and 50% of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions.

With 3.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, a meat eater has the biggest carbon footprint. With under 1.5 tonnes of CO2e, a vegan diet has the lowest carbon footprint (Carbon Dioxide Equivalent). Simply cutting back on red meats like beef and lamb can reduce your foodprint by a fourth.

In many nations, such as Egypt, Mexico, Pakistan, and Australia, water is a valuable resource that is growing scarce. Even if you don't reside in one of these arid nations, you may be wearing or using things made there, as well as eating foods made there, contributing to their water debt. Moving to a vegetarian diet, which uses about half as much water as a meat-based one, is one of the most significant personal contributions we can make.

Many of us have a habit of going grocery shopping once a week... Is it, however, a good use of time and resources? Because it is so simple to over-shop at those tempting supermarkets, the average household tosses away a third of the food they buy.

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With the increased conversation and worry about climate change and global food security, we can't help but address and educate people about the importance of working together to make a difference. Any effort toward a healthier lifestyle counts; we are not aiming for an all-or-nothing strategy, but we do feel that by shifting to a more plant-forward or plant-based diet, we can collectively do our part to sustain our future and reverse the damage. Get intrigued about plants and explore what all the commotion is about!

This is why MANNA was founded: to provide easy, delicious plant-based meals delivered right to your home for a nutritious and healthy bite that has a good influence on Vancouver and the surrounding region.

Are you curious about the foods you eat and the emissions you produce? Click here to calculate your food Foot Print; perhaps an interesting experiment would be to compare different plant-based meals versus non-plant-based recipes?