Many people have detoxed from all the booze, sugary snacks, and overeating from the holidays as the end of January approaches, accompanied by New Year's resolutions. Veganuary is a fantastic opportunity to jumpstart your body's healing and self-love practices from the inside out through healthy food and plant based consciousness. But why does it have to stop on January 31st?

Many people may probably identify with the desire to change and the pressure we place on ourselves to be accountable in what we choose to commit to. You don't satisfy the "requirement" of being 80 percent plant-based, are not fully vegan, maybe plant curious and you don't feel like you fit into any of the diet lifestyle categories. With all of the definitions out there, it's not so much about what you're labelled as as it is about the intentions you have for your healthy eating habits.

It does not have to be an all-or-nothing approach, since if you are forced into something rather than being passionate about wanting to change things up, you are more likely to quit.

All it takes is getting started now and remaining resilient even on harder days.

When you initially start, look deeper into how you feel and what you've noticed in yourself, both mentally and physically, keep a journal of how much organic vegan goodness you managed to incorporate in a day. Then compare at the end of the month to see whether there has been any change.

On your journey of exploration, make a list of your favourite plant based foods or vegan restaurants so you can compile a list of quick stops that you know you'll enjoy.

Start with a friend or family member; you never know who else is feeling plant curious and experiencing a shift toward being more open to adopting more vegetables into their diet, and they might just need a friend to start with.

It's a constant effort to successfully include plant-based meals into my diet, coming from a big meat-eating family and society where vegetables aren't the most significant element of your plate. It's difficult to break old patterns, no matter how much I want to applaud my accomplishments. As a result, MANNA was created for anyone else going through the same on-again, off-again problems of switching to a more plant-based diet with the best of intentions. Healthy plant based meal delivery through Vancouver as far east as Chilliwack all the way up the Sea to Sky.