We understood everything we wanted our company to be in the early stages, when it was only an idea, efforts that went beyond food and a Vancouver meal prep company. We had a strategy in place, we were moving in the right direction, and all that was left was to find out what we would call ourselves, a term that would encapsulate all we aspired to be.

Being a family-oriented brand, the name MANNA was brilliantly inspired by both of my parents, each in their own unique way, and connects with everything we want to be. They've been on this trip with us from the beginning and continue to support this journey, so it only seemed right to honour them with our name.

Our mission at MANNA is to give nutrient dense plant based healthy food to preserve our Earth, encourage the next generation to move plant forward, and mend what we have so long harmed, as inspired by my father - MANNA in my Filipino ancestry can translate as leaving an inheritance.

image of home made bread, simulating our name MANNA.

Eating and nourishing your body is a sacred act; it is a gift, and it is one of the most significant times in our day, whether it is to fuel your mind and body to support your everyday hustle or to make wonderful memories with someone you care about. Inspired by my mom - MANNA, according to the Bible, comes from Heaven, yet the different names for manna are organic and stem back to a non-meat product.

MANNA is the perfect storm of doing something lovely for yourself while also helping others through our tasty, healthful plant-based meals. After a long day, spend less time in the kitchen so you can spend your precious and sacred time doing what you love with the people you love. Each meal puts our community one step closer to leaving a legacy of a better-cared-for world and creating that impact for the future.

Our name was created as a result of the convergence of our beliefs, mission, and intentions, thus the beginning of MANNA|Sacred Meals.