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We set out to make plant-based meals exceptional, not just good.  And we knew that in order to achieve that, we’d need not only the best recipes and ingredients available, but also factor in nutritional experts who shared our perhaps unrealistic high standards for taste and nutrition.

We knew we had partnered with excellent nutritionists but seeing how collectively they dove in and carefully dissected our recipes to analyze our macro nutrients in fine detail was truly above and beyond our expectations.  The amount of times we went back and forth on each recipe to make additions, substitutions to try to condense the nutrient level in everyway.  Then we going back to kitchen to make sure that the changes did not compromise the taste in any way.  This process took months and we made sure nothing was left to chance.

We went through dozens of iterations to perfect all of the ingredient details before finalizing our recipes.  Details make all the difference and putting care into them is how we show respect to our customers.

Discover the thoughtfully considered details that go into creating an exceptionally delicious and nutritious 100% plant-based meal.


The Science

Our menu items are tested and retested for taste and nutrient performance.  This is not just a gut feel exercise, this is science.  To ensure that you can see that you are getting highest level of quality, perfection and accuracy, please visit our menu section where you can see all the data and meal tour video by our Head Chef.

The science of our Plant-based meals Vancouver at Manna menu

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