Thinking about the situation of our planet, reading stories about when our world will run out of food, the possibility to heal chronic sickness by going vegan or eating an organic healthy food diet, and the brutal realities of factory farming. Whatever your motivation for wanting to incorporate more healthy food options into your practice, it is the way of the future for greater good. Whether you're ready or not, you can't help but be drawn to a more plant-based diet. 

A plant-based alternative can be just as appealing and enjoyable as one that contains meat or dairy. Don't settle for the unappealing plant-based substitute foods of the past, and make sure to emphasize the benefits rather than the deficiencies.

Access various plant-based organizations to find others who are likely asking the same questions you are and who can aid you on your path to eating more plants.

As you add more vegetables into your daily practice, you will be able to increase your discovery and creativity by learning more and establishing your intentions behind your goals of moving towards plant curiosity. 

For more inspiration, here are some of 2022’s most popular plant-based books:

Providing variety across your whole menu will demonstrate your dedication to altering consumer values as the plant-based movement continues. A tempting menu these days contains options for everyone, from plant-curious to plant-committed. This is why we exist, to help support your play in the world of incorporating more vegetables.

MANNA Sacred Meals' mission is to deliver tasty plant-based ready-to-eat meals that will pique your interest in plants and help you achieve your goals of eating more veggies. Come along our journey alongside others diving into plant curiosity.