Sustainability and Achieving Zero Waste is a top priority at MANNA 

We’re very proud to be able to diligently follow the guidelines of the Recycling Council of BC and proud to report how much we contribute to reducing waste in our community. We can ensure with certainty that no materials are burned, buried or enter our water ways and oceans.

The guiding goal is always zero waste. This means designing and managing our processes to avoid the volume and toxicity of waste and conserve and recover all resources so that we don’t negatively impact the land, water or air. Caring for our planet and the beings that live on it, are always top of mind and close to heart.

We achieve zero waste in a number of ways:

With Food Production:

We have a minimum of 7 days from time of your first order to the time of delivery. This gives our chefs sufficient time to source the best and exact amount of ingredients needed for the week. Since we are able to use every gram of food that we purchase, nothing is ever thrown out, wasted or spoiled. 

Trust us, the wait is worth it!

By being local:
We’re based in Vancouver and deliver only to the Lower Mainland. By staying local, we consume less energy fuel and reduce our carbon footprint and emissions. We also don’t need to over-protect our meals with layers of bubble wrap and extra plastics. Lastly, we’re able to pick-up your used packaging to clean, wash and dry so we can reuse or properly recycle them to a local facility. None of our packaging is ever burned, buried in the ground, or discharged in the ocean or water ways.

In your Fridge:
We learned from BC Hydro’s Power Smart Guidelines that in order to save energy in your kitchen, fridges cannot be overstocked. Our small packaging and vacuum sealed meal pouches support you in organizing your fridge to conserve energy consumption.

In our Local Deliveries:
To minimize our carbon footprint, we limit our how much our drivers are on the road. Our vacuum sealed sous-vide meal pouches are compact and low weight so that our drivers can take more food per trip compared to using standard rigid containers and cardboard boxes ((it’s probably why NASA uses pouches like this in space!). With a reduction of three times the number of trips each Monday, we save three times the amount of fuel consumption, carbon emissions and overall vehicle wear and tear.

With our team:
Time is one of most valuable and unrenewable resource we all have. Our objective is to be as efficient with our time as possible and continually evolve best practices.  Any efficiencies in time with our service and production model are given back to our team.  For example, our kitchen teams’ work schedule is designed around a 30-hour work week, but they are paid for a full 40 hours. 

And, with you:
By ordering MANNA meals, your household contributes 0.00kg to your own municipal solid waste contribution, assuming you eat everything you order. This is typically not achieved in any other way of preparing, ordering or consuming food at home (i.e. Meal prep kits, buying groceries and cooking at home or ordering restaurant meals).

We hope to inspire and empower you to join us in contributing zero waste to our community and planet.

We’re always evolving, too! So, if you have ideas on how we can improve, we’d love to hear from you.