On the Road to Zero Waste 

One of our core principals at MANNA Sacred Meals has always been to limit our waste and do good.  That’s why we are so proud to announce that MANNA is officially a member of the Recycling Council of BC — the first and only food business in that non-profit organization.

It has been a journey to get here! 

For the past year we have researched and tested our options, sifting through the “greenwash” and trying to truly understand our impact on the environment and how best to meet our goal to eliminate our waste. 

This isn’t just lip service at MANNA. We take our responsibilities very seriously and are committed to being a part of the broader solutions towards zero waste. So, when you order MANNA meals, you too are part of the solution. 

Take your MANNA delivery bag. That silver bag, always a welcome sight on any doorstep, is sterilized every week at pick up. That was an easy step in the right direction. 

The plastic wrapping protecting your food was a little more challenging. We considered biodegradable packaging, among other alternatives. Ultimately, we believe this is the best option.

First and foremost, the plastic is recycled with soft plastics. Just put your recycling in the silver bag and we take care of the rest at pick up/delivery.

The plastic also allows us to vacuum-seal our meals, giving the food a 7 to 10-day shelf life in your fridge. That, in turn, reduces delivery time and fuel. It also takes up much less space in the fridge, which helps BC Hydro’s Power Smart goals. 

What will you chose?


We admit: No solution is perfect. But every little step counts on the journey to making our world more sustainable. Taking this step with the Recycling Council of BC is a milestone for us at MANNA and we’re excited to see where the journey takes us.


With Love,


 Marie Grapé | Head Chef & Co-founder