Low pay can have a financial and emotional impact on members. Living on a low income can lead to debt and a negative sense of self-worth. Money you receive as a wage or salary from work or as aid from government program is referred to as income. It's one of the most potent health determinants. Finances are one of the top three sources of stress for Canadians, ahead of child care and personal relationships. Lower income has been linked to a higher likelihood of mental health issues, according to research. What does it mean to have a good or bad income, though?

Many British Columbians are concerned about housing. In 2006, 29 percent of all British Columbians spent more than 30% of their income on housing. Unaffordable housing is defined as housing that costs more than 30% of your income. This has a particularly negative impact on low-income individuals. However, when housing costs are high in comparison to income, it has an impact on persons with a moderate income.

Whether you are deemed low income or not, the pandemic has had a financial impact on our community. We have all heard of or know of people who have been financially impacted by the epidemic.

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Inflation has touched us in all facets of its definition; we experience it on a weekly basis with our groceries and new notices of price increase. It also affects our day-to-day lives, from the price of petrol to the next time you stroll into a restaurant, thinking it wasn't this pricey the last time you visited.

MANNA wishes to help those who are low-income or going through a difficult time by offering additional savings on top of the automatic discount that comes with subscribing to our ready-made plant-based meals.

For individuals attempting to strike a balance between fueling their minds and bodies while staying on a budget. We want our nutritious food to be available to everyone, so if you or someone you know is having trouble sticking to a plant-based or plant-forward diet due to budgetary constraints, we'd like to help.

MANNA delivers plant-based ready-to-eat meals to your home or office, ensuring that you and your loved ones have healthy, nutritional, and delicious food options. Reach out to us to learn more about our low-income subsidy, we hope to be the right fit for you!