MANNA Sacred Meals: Labels worth reading

Have you ever studied the labels on your food? Really looked at what you’re putting in your body as fuel, as energy, as the backbone of your health and nutrition?

At Manna Sacred Meals, we think about labels a lot. We want our customers to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies. When you understand what’s fuelling your life, you become more invested in the process.

More than 90 per cent of what we make at Manna is made from scratch. And so, our meals stand up to the test—plant-based, whole food, simple goodness. Whole foods are as close to their original states as possible. Unprocessed and unrefined. No colourings. No preservatives. Fresh. Simple. Healthy. The best kinds of food.

Take our BBQ boneless and meatless ribs, packed with protein and iron. Read our label; we bet you’ll recognize every ingredient on it. At the heart of this delicious and nutritious meal is green jackfruit, a fruit with the consistency of some meats like pork. Jackfruit is chockfull of goodness with no saturated fat. It has become a versatile staple in many plant-based meals. Manna’s boneless ribs also contain seitan, that nutrient-dense wheat gluten that’s high in protein and low in fat. We make our seitan in house from scratch. We believe you can taste the difference.

At MANNA, you can be sure what’s in your meals because you can read it all about it on our labels. Rest assured it’s the best kind of food. There is a simple kind of peace and pleasure in that knowledge.



You can see a full range of meal details by scanning the QR code on your meal packs including nutritional labels, instructional video(s), nutritional highlights and the Chef's inspiration behind the recipe creation.