Introducing MANNA's Crispy Chick'N!

In all we do at MANNA, our purpose is to always endeavor to demonstrate care, consciousness, and love in our actions. Our goal is to keep our customers happy while also taking into consideration all of the wonderful feedback we receive to support our efforts to improve. In this regard, we have been working towards creating a consistent menu rotation in order to provide as much variety and familiarity in the menus we curate.

 Family enjoying a meal together

Chicken is one of the most widely consumed animals in non-vegetarian households; it is a popular craving until you realize how brutal the treatment of these unfortunate birds has been. The incredible number of options available in plant-based form is expanding all the time and is becoming increasingly accessible, so we felt it would be a lovely addition to our menu! 

Food scientists in a lab curating faux meat

We were looking for a product that would best serve our healthy clients while also being true to our principles of nutritious organic food, but we decided to challenge our kitchen to come up with something on our own, for the following reasons:

We wanted to make certain that we were aware of the plant based ingredients that we were incorporating into our meals in order to make them as clean as possible without sacrificing flavour, quality, or textures. Foods that we know are naturally digested for the majority of people who do not have underlying sensitivities/allergies, meals that are clean and familiar, no tongue twisters.

In contrast to the idea of faux-meats being curated in a lab or facility that was not a kitchen, we preferred the ability to see and feel the components in their organic form rather than viewing them through a petri dish, founded on the base of isolates, food coloring or preservatives when nutrients and ingredients can be added organically in the process. Save time and curiosity by skipping the lab and getting to real homemade plant based goodness that is free of man made chemicals.


Our Crispy Chick'N is made in small batches, similar to our subscription meal packages, in order to maintain greater control over the freshness of our product. We did not want to risk receiving a wholesale order of mock meat that had been frozen for six months somewhere and had possibly been frostbitten or defrosted more than once by the time we received the delivery.

Mouthwatering delicious selection of MANNA's Crispy Chick'N entrees

MANNA is making our way via our country kitchen, right from the source, with our handcrafted Crispy Chick'n, which is the new alternative to the alternative. Providing the delicious, quick eats, and satiation that comfort food provides, but in a healthier form, free of cruelty and cholesterol, and made with nutritious ingredients instead of overly processed components.

Our team of chefs have created some mouthwatering new dishes using our in-house made Crispy Chick'N to show you what we've been up to and to give you a little inspiration for your own kitchen.


Currently debuting on our menu are:

Chick’N Bake - A bowl of comfort is provided by the crisp chick'n combined with the mashed potatoes drenched in gravy and brightened up with our sweet corn succotash in this recipe. Simple, yet quite rewarding.

Hot Chick’N Sandwich - The chick'n sandwich trend continues with this winner that includes our banana ketchup aioli and a side salad to help balance out the carbs.

Chick’N Katsu - Bringing Japanese inspired take out home with this crunch bowl full of umami, lightly sweetened from our house made tonkatsu sauce.

Spring Chick’N Salad - With our maple dill dressing, the salad is bright, crisp, and full of flavour. This salad helps to balance off the richness that some people may associate with our crispy chick'n.

Chick’N Piccata - Each spoonful is a celebration of tart and savoury flavours. It's hard not to rave about our lemon caper herb sauce when it's served.

MANNA is a plant based ready made meal delivery service, providing delicious, healthy and convenient vegan eats right in the comfort of your home. Your week of healthy gourmet meals covered, in one delivery.

Give our dishes a try and let us know what you think!