Starting in November 2020, Manna Sacred Meals is pleased to begin delivering readymade, plant-based meals across the Lower Mainland.

Cauliflower steaks with potatoes and vegetables. Barbecue pineapple and tofu bowls. Indian style curries with red rice. Manna offers dozens of nutritionally balanced, vegetarian options inspired by the best in global cuisine.

Customers can choose between seven different meals every week. Preparation is simple – average time to reheat and serve is just 15 minutes. Packaging is also minimal, and either fully recyclable or compostable.

Manna Sacred Meals is the brainchild of professional chef Marie Grapé, a former fine-dining chef and professional caterer in Vancouver for 15 years before the launch of Manna.

“Food, family and creating memories have always been my greatest passions,” says Grapé. “Watching my grandmother and mother prepare family meals as a child is how I’ve come to feel most at home, most like myself, in the kitchen. I have always enjoyed cooking for others.

“At the same time, the need for our communities to move to a more plant-based diet is not only important for the environment, but essential for our wellbeing. I know that there are barriers for a lot of people to transition to a healthier, more earth-friendly diet, and that convenience is the key. People are too busy to do it themselves. They need a program that makes it easy and enjoyable to get the balanced meals they need, as well as the variety and flavours they want.”

Manna is a subscription program with several 100% plant-based plans to choose from based on the size of your household or workplace. Each delivery includes four-to-six servings per person, per week. Prices range from $79 for one person to $289 for a family of four. Larger orders are also possible, as well as corporate catering.

Deliveries are made between noon and 8 p.m. every Monday anywhere in the Lower Mainland. All food is vacuum sealed and delivered in insulated bags to keep it fresh. Food packages can be stored in your fridge until use, or frozen for longer storage.  All packaging is reused or recycled, yielding a zero-waste packaging model.

As well as healthy meals, Manna is also committed to making communities more sustainable by donating 5% of all subscription fees to the Charitable Impact Foundation, which will go towards projects and groups featured on the website.

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