For the love of moms everywhere: Happy Mother’s Day


Anyone who has worked in a busy kitchen knows how frantic and fast paced it can be. It’s hard work. 

A few days ago, as we rushed to meet our orders for the week ahead, my mom showed up. That’s nothing out of the ordinary; she is an integral part of our MANNA family, in and out of our commissary kitchen, talking to staff, checking in. 


But, in typical fashion, she didn’t show up empty-handed; she came with a treat. She brought a slice of cake for everyone, knowing how hard we work, knowing just how far a little gesture like that can go on a hectic work day.

That’s my mom.


She has become the “mom of MANNA.”

What does that mean? It means that she was in the kitchen with me in the early days when, after 14 hours of standing and ready to despair, she was still there to lend a helping hand. She has washed dishes late into the night; she still sterilizes all our silver MANNA bags that keep our food fresh and keep our company more sustainable; she irons the cloth bags that we reuse from week to week.


But, most of all, my mom has been our biggest supporter. She has believed wholeheartedly in our vision to offer an innovative plant-based whole foods delivery service and to become a company with a heart and soul.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, sometimes all you need is that one person who believes in you on your journey to success.


That’s my mom.


My mom had a long career as a nurse—38 years looking after others before she retired. We all know now, more than ever before, how hard our nurses work. Her plan was to spend her retirement travelling the world.

The pandemic put a wrench in those plans. Rather than dismay, mom took that as a sign that she was needed here. And she was. More than she’ll ever know.


There aren’t enough ways to say thank you to our moms.


This year, consider giving your mom a gift from MANNA. Your gift is healthy and delicious food for all the times she put a meal on the table.


Your gift is also the gift of time with a meal that will be ready in minutes, for all the times she spent time on you.


And it’s a gift to feel really good about, with up to 5 per cent of subscription fees donated to Canadian charitable organizations.


Check out our MANNA menu and find the perfect gift for your mom.