The are several ways MANNA stands out from other local meal providers.  Many of those ways is not often clearly apparent to the untrained eye.  Here is a chart that shows how we measure up to other meal providers.

Image of table where MANNA achieves 7 out of 7 clearly important deliverables, where the nearest other meal services only delivers 2 out of 7.


 Also, in addition to the larger differentiators listed above, each one of our meals comes with a full nutritional breakdown (which has been approved by local nutritionists).  As well as each meal has a demonstration video that shows you how to decorate and serve the meal the same way that Chef Marie does.  And lastly, our Zero-waste kitchen production model, where we only order in the exact amount of food that is needed to serve our customers each week, and our Zero-waste packaging service.  We take 100% of our packaging material back each week to reuse or recycle it.  To learn more about Zero-waste please look at these articles on our philosophy and our partnerships.    

This is an image of how MANNA is different.  Each meal has a detailed nutritional index label, a video that tells you how to prepare and serve the meal, and of course, we have a zero-waste model.

In the end, we understand that our business practices alone may not be enough to satisfy your hunger, we know that our meals must also taste great.  However, the only what to find that out is to try them.  We do hope we have an opportunity to feed you soon!


Happy eating!