MANNA | Sacred Meals is more than a meal delivery company.  We are a collective of passionate, driven and conscious individuals.  We see life as a journey, and in the process of living each day, we must be aware of our impact on ourselves, others and our environment.

We set out to do things right!  No only to provide the best plant-based meals that we could prepare, but also to ensure that we created a great company that serves our community and  real heroes of our story - our kitchen team. 

I must admit, I am much more comfortable in the kitchen.  However, I had to force myself to get out of my comfort zone to tell our story.  After all, as long as I only stay in the kitchen, my voice will not be heard.
I hope you have enjoyed getting to know us better and we hope we can help you eat more plant-based meals each day.
 Head chef Marie Grape studying your lines for making of the launch video for her new plant-based meal delivery business in Vancouver BC.
We had our whole family behind the scenes helping tell our story when we did our video shoot.  This is little Mia getting familiar with our film crew and their toys.

 Mia Newell having fun and playing with camera teams tools and toys in the making of the launch video for MANNA menu vegan meal delivery in Vancouver.
Sometimes I find it difficult to put into words on how important it is for me to live consciously, eat healthy and be aware on how my actions impact others.  As I try to be my best self and live my best life, I also try to help influence others to do so as well. 

Here is a most recent quote that has truly inspired me about our daily impact and the choices we make.
“We are all in this together, every action that we take affects every other action, like a ripple in the pond.  So what decision are you going to make that will make a positive impact on this beautiful planet so that our great grandchildren, seven generations in the future can actually go up and hug an old growth tree and swim in clean waters, and be able open their mouths and drink while they are swimming.  What is it that we can do today so that our children can flourish in the abundance that we have created by our decisions? “
KISS the GROUND, film on Netflix

Video still image of MANNA's launch video.  MANNA is a local plant-based meal prep service in Vancouver BC.  Serving customers in the lower mainland that prefer a Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian or Pescatarian diet.


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We hope you be at your dinner table soon!

Marie Grapé

Head Chef | Co-founder