Here at MANNA we are doing our best to be a role model company for our community.  Here are 5 key points about us that you may find interesting:



Locally sourced ingredients

We do our best to source all locally sourced ingredients when possible.  And when we cannot find it locally, we choose the next best available option to get the best quality with the lowest carbon footprint.


100% Plant-based always!

All of our ingredients and recipes (even our chocolate) are 100% plant-based with no exception!


Local delivery

Local delivery to your door with our delivery team.  We will also pick up and return your reusable containers and packaging.


FREE Dessert!

That's right, dessert is free!  Each week our kitchen team dreams up a new desert to send out with meal deliveries.  You will know what surprise is in store for you, but I am sure you will be more than happy to find out.



We offer a ZERO-WASTE service model.  A job well done for us is when NONE of our packaging or delivery materials enter landfill.  To do this, we need your help!  Simply wash and dry any of our packaging/containers and leave out for our drivers to pick up; we will take care of the rest.  We are in partnership with Recycle BC to ensure all our materials are either reused or repurposed.


We would love it if you would try our menu.  We are here to help more people transition to eating a more consistent plant-based diet of meatless meals that are fresh, taste amazing and are super quick and easy to prepare.  Our customers enjoy having four to six plant-based meals in their refrigerator each week, so they can have a healthy meal when they need it.  How often do you not have time to shop for and fully prepare a healthy meal at home? And when we do not have time to prepare a meal healthy meal at home, we will most likely resort to the many fast food and order in delivery options (delivery apps) available in our city.  Unfortunately, those quick and easy options are seldom affordable, and most importantly they are rarely healthy, not to mention they typically come with a bunch of unnecessary packaging waste.


Our mission is to do all things good.  We hope to see you onboard and eating our meals soon!