Meals Beyond Salad

Helping people enjoy better tasting plant-based meals in their homes.

Connection + Belonging
Connection + Belonging

Enjoying a meal can be a sacred experience and we want you to have it with those you love most.

Healthy Made Easy
Healthy Made Easy

Nutritious, well balanced plant-based meal plans you make easily at home.

Get Your Time Back
Get Your Time Back

Save over $3,000 a year in groceries. All you need is 30-minutes. We plan, they shop, you cook.

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We Plan, They shop, you cook

Your're just a few clicks away from setting yourself up for a week of carefully curated meals. With our meal plans you can avoid the dreaded daily question of "what's for dinner" by having everything already in your fridge that is ready to make.

Bringing Plant-Based Home

Confidently nurture yourself and your loved ones in under 30-minutes with nutritionally balanced meal plans with simple instructions.

Save over 34 hours a month in the kitchen

What things are on your list of things to do each week that you just do not seem to have the time to get to?

Get back over 34 hours of your time each month!

Explore Plant-Based Nutrition Alternatives That Suit Every Lifestye

Curated plant-based menus planned for the week ahead.
No thinking, just use our grocery list to stock up for the week, prepare and eat.

You earn up to 2% of money spent to donate to a Canadian charity of your choice

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A healthy choice can be an easy choice

with care, Marie - Head Chef

Carefully Curated Weekly Meal Plans

Designed for taste and nutrition

3 Easy Steps

Choose your plant-based meal plan:

Menus curated by our team of Chefs and Nutritionists to provide balanced nutrition and flavour.

Receive your weekly meal plan by email:

Eliminate waste and save time when you buy groceries yourself or order online for delivery for the week all at once.

Prepare + Enjoy:

Simple instructions to prepare your meals in under 30-minutes.

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Meals options for specific diets

Other Meal Plans Meal Kits Takeaway
Real Fine Dinning Chef Prepared
High Quality Ingredients
Real Whole Food Ingredients
Approved by Nutritionists
100% Plant-based
Ready in under 10 minutes
Zero-waste packaging and pick up
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

See What Our Customers Say

I’ve tried shifting to a plant-based diet many times in my life and I always struggled to stick with it. The effort that goes into planning a well balanced plant-based meal is no joke! So I decided to give MANNA a try and I am never going back – the variety, the flavour combinations and the ease with which I can prepare a restaurant grade meal is a dream come true.


I always thought plant-based meant ‘salad’. I think that the hardest part of shifting to a plant-first diet is the mindset adjustment you have to push yourself through to realize that the possibilities are endless. Healthy plant based meals are much more than greens – my favourite MANNA dish is the BBQ meatless ribs.


It took me a minute to jump on the MANNA train. I have tried other meal delivery services and I never stick with them because all they do is send you a recipe and ingredients to cook with. I needed to make my life easier and they weren’t helping – but MANNA was a game changer! Restaurant grade meals ready to heat up, plate and eat in under 10 minutes. It’s both convenient and healthy, which is a rare find these days.


My husband and I are both really busy people. With full time jobs, the 3 kids and 2 dogs we have our hands full every day of the week! When I began exploring meal delivery services, convenience is what I was after. I needed to save time but not at the expense of nutrition – enter MANNA! Now I know that I am covered, 3 times a week we all gather around the living room to eat our MANNA meals and chat about our week. It’s given me and my family the ability to weave quality time into our day to day, and that is priceless.


I didn’t really understand what MANNA meant by ‘enjoying sacred moments’ until I made a commitment to myself to enjoy at least 2 MANNA meals a week by myself. No TV, no phone, no radio – just me, my mind and my body. It's given me the chance to explore my priorities and set my intentions in a way I never could have anticipated. Nourishing our body is a sacred practice, and that is something I am never giving up on again.


The worst part about cooking is definitely cleaning up after! No matter how small my attempt at cooking is, my kitchen is always a mess. So, I decided to give MANNA a try and see what the fuss was all about. I am SOLD! All i need to do is heat up the pre cooked and pre portioned meal components, plate my meal and enjoy. It’s changed the game.


My kids are really into cooking. I love to bake and we make dessert together every Sunday, it’s our family thing. They get so excited to help and it's a great activity to do together. Recently they started asking if we could make food together everyday and I thought – there are not enough hours in a day! But then I ordered MANNA and boy, do they love it! We ‘cook’ fancy meals together every day and they couldn’t be happier. I’m never going back!

Frans & Agnes

I live by myself and my family recently came to visit me. We thought about going to a restaurant, but we hadn’t seen each other in a while so we wanted to be able to chat and catch up in private. I thought about cooking but I burn everything I touch! So I ordered a few MANNA meals to have that day, so everyone could pick one and we could spend time together. It was such a hit! This is now my go-to meal service for when I want to impress someone at home. I’ve never seen anything like it.


Our signature dishes

Greek Style Kebabs with Lemon Roasted Potatoes & Marinated Salad

Greek Style Kebabs with Lemon Roasted Potatoes & Marinated Salad

Cauliflower Steaks with Potato & Veg

Cauliflower Steaks with Potato & Veg

BBQ Meatless Ribs

BBQ Meatless Ribs

Latkes with Oyster Mushroom & Wilted Greens

Latkes with Oyster Mushroom & Wilted Greens

Butter Tofu Curry

Butter Tofu Curry